Free Diagnosis & Brake Checks

As the quality of your vehicle's braking system is critical for its safety and performance Wangara Tyre & Autos offer free diagnfffosis and ensures that it is thoroughly examined and maintained while your auto is in-store.
Safety inspections are essential not just for the sustainability of your vehicle, but also for the safety of you and your family. Every car that schedules a safety inspection gets one for free!! We value your safety just as much as you do.

Oil /Oil filter & air filter change

Oil is the lifeblood of your car. the oil decreases damage by reducing friction between mechanical elements. Manufacturers recommend specific grades of oil for various models since engines are complex. Contact our service for your next oil change so that we may choose the premium option for your vehicle

Logbook Service

You do not have to return to your auto dealership. Our qualified specialists are ready to service and maintain your vehicle according to the manufacturer's specifications & suggested intervals and officially stamp your logbook! Wangara Tyre and Autos are fully qualified to carry out your log book service and verify your logbook service records.

Wheel Alignment

Don't wait until your automobile begins to shake before you take action. To offer you a smooth ride and minimise premature tyre wear, our skilled experts ensure that the wheels are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other by adjusting steering and suspension axles.
Having your wheels aligned regularly can help you save money on gas and cut down on tyre damage.
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