One of the most crucial fact, automobile owners should remember is to maintain their tyres health. Unchecked tyres have the potential to substantially contribute in accidents. Research from two years earlier, indicated that the greatest contributing factor of accidents was bad tyres’ maintenance on automobiles.

Although we know the significance of tyres for a safe journey but some people might not be aware of basic knowledge about tyres and their replacement value on time. However, purchasing a new pair might be pricey, which raises the question:

Are Second Hand Tyres Worth a While To Purchase?

A road collision might result from the combination of defective tyres, especially worn-out ones that are underinflated, and damaged due to severe weather.

You should change your tyres before you find yourself in a scenario where you can no longer rely on them for safe driving measures. Though new tyres give better mileage but their price tag sometimes break the bank. Many of us are lacking resources to buy brand-new tyres.

The use of second-hand tyres contains both pros & cons. Check out few things before you even think about purchasing 2nd hand tyres. You can choose better with the assistance provided in this article.

Depth Of Tread

All tyres, whether on a car or a bicycle, lose some tread rubber over time. The stability and grip of your tyre are impaired when you lose so much tread. This thus creates the conditions for longer stopping distances and sliding of the car under hard braking.

Therefore, you must constantly make sure that the tyre’s tread is deeper than the legal minimum, which is 1.6mm. A treadwear indicator (TWI), a little rubber piece marking, is already embedded inside the grooves of your tyres.

The tread on the tyre reaches this TWI level after extensive use. This is a tell-tale indicator that the tyre needs to be replaced. However, you should be fine if your tyre’s tread hasn’t worn down to the point where the indication is visible.

Thoroughly Check Cuts And Bumps In The Sidewall

If a used tyre’s tread depth appears to be adequate, you should inspect the tyre’s overall surface for obvious sidewall cuts or cracks. The sidewall of a tyre is right next to the tread. To inspect the sidewall for cracks and cuts, you will have to stop down. Look for any bulges by feeling the walls. A bulging tyre may indicate internal tyre damage.

It is also dangerous to use, if the sidewall has bumps or other irregularities since a collision might have caused the rubber to separate from the belts. Additionally, look for any abnormal wear that can reveal the tyre’s steel cables. It is undoubtedly a no if any of it is protruding. Any tyres with tiny cracks or dry rot indicators should be discarded. These tyres are inherently dangerous and prone to early failure.

Multiple Punctures Are a Big NO!

Check the interior of the tyres for plugs and patches. Check the internal sides of the tyre to determine whether there are any patches as tyres with many punctures are unsafe to use. If there are patches, the tyre is unable to withstand air pressure, and more damage is possible.

Pay Attention to Tyre Age

Additionally, you should pay attention to the tyre’s age. If they were purchased in good condition, used tyres typically last between two and five years.

Manufacturers claim that after six or seven years of continuous use, the rubber begins to degrade and become too dry. Due to exposure to the sun, weather, and road conditions. Because of this, be alert and watch out for cracks caused by dryness.

Simply examine the DOT marking on the sidewall to ascertain the age of your tyres. There will be a 4-digit number after the DOT stamping. The date code is this. The week is represented by the first two digits, and the year by the final two. The tyre was produced, for instance, during the 20th week of 2013, according to the DOT stamp.

Consumers must have a fundamental understanding of what a good tyre looks like while buying second-hand tyres. Red flags of bad quality and unsafe tyres include uneven wear and tear patterns, sidewall deterioration, inadequate tread depth, and aging tyres. Be mindful not to purchase the wheels if you see any problems with the used tyres.

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