Tyre is a ring-shaped wheel surrounded by steel rims and filled with compressed air. Tyre provides contact patch to match the weight of vehicle and maintain the balance on road surface. It rolls on the road with enough bearing pressure to move forward and backward.

Wangara tyres and autos have more than ten years of expertise in automotive industry in Perth assuring quality tyres fitting for all models of cars like sedan, SUVs, 4X4s, Vans or trucks etc. Wangara knows the basic functions of tyres as to carry, guide, change, absorb and transmit.

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Tyre is made up of more than rubber and compressed air. It functions in carrying weight, maintaining balance and adjusting grip on brake while driving. Construction of tyre contains below mentioned things:

  • Natural Rubber
  • Synthetic Polymers
  • Steel Wire
  • Tyre Belt & Beads
  • Polyester/Rayon/Nylon/Aramid Cords
  • Carbon Black and Silica Fillers
  • Antioxidant
  • Antiozonants
  • Curing System



Every car has different structure which requires different kind of tyres according to track/road. You are not supposed to use off-road tyres for routine movements and warm climate tyres in chilly locations. Difference of tyres are measurable varying purposely like climate demand and on-road vehicle types.

Let’s have glimpse towards tyres’ types:

  • Performance/Summer Tyres– grip to longevity by using soft rubber
  • All-Round/All Season Tyres-designed for overall grip, performance, noise and wet weather safety made up of hard rubber.
  • Wet-Weather Tyres-made up of soft compound and functions as heating up quickly in cold or wet conditions for mechanical grip.
  • Winter/Snow or Ice Tyres-metal studs fabricated towards tread block pattern for biting effect during snow or ice on road.
  • Terrain Tyres– larger tyres with side wall and bigger block pattern with neither soft nor hard rubber compound. Mainly use for trucks.
  • Mud Tyres-chunky tread blocks like paddles for muddy tracks or roads.
  • Energy Saving Tyres-built to save extra fuel consumption
  • Sports Tyres– soft rubber compound with wide tread surface concerning high speed and grip on road specially used for races.


According to Wangara, a good quality tyre enhance your road grip by giving comfort on tracks, weather conditions, safety and stability of car balance along with durability. It must have high braking efficiency and good control over jerks or tugs. Experts say selection of your car tyres highly depends on your driving habit and time span as always consult before changing the tyre.

Below mentioned qualities are considerable to understand the quality and need of tyres.

  • Track knowledge
  • Grip on road
  • Longevity
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Tread Patterns & Depth
  • Tyre Pressure/Weight balance
  • Inspection of Tyre Walls
  • Noise Level
  • Resistance to Puncture


Your car tyres are responsible for your safety and healthy road grip. Expert’s advice suggests to change the tyre when your tread depth minimizes to 2mm and you can check it yourself by placing a 20c coin in the groove of tyre. The minimum tread depth in Australia is 1.5mm. If your knowledge is not enough about tyres then make sure you get diagnosis of tyre properly before changing it. Another reason of changing tyre is dependent to its vibration while driving. Life span, noises, alignment, pressure strengthening and cracking of tyres are essential considerations for tyres to be changed. Generally, people advice that a tyre lasts for 40,000km but majorly changings are dependent to factors and conditions. Lastly, all tyres condition may be unlike or vary so one could must check condition measures before changing the tyre.


Diagnosis mean to identify the problem by examining the symptoms. Wangara as a doctor of automotive services has variety of expertise about tyres, brake, alignment and other necessary check of cars/truck. Your car movement relies on your comfortability inside it .The best part about Wangara tyre and auto is that they offer one year warranty on installation of new tyres and tyre shine. Also they are more than happy to diagnose your tyres issues from bit and give free advice and consultancy, so there is no chance to think more, do give a visit or call to get all types of information about your car or truck tyres.