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Ok!!! As you continue to drive, your automobile begins to sway. You notice you have a tyre puncture as you stop. What’s next…huhh, a mess??? Or how much is tyre puncture repair???
Nothing is more annoying than a punctured tyre at the wrong time. The tyres on your automobile are always susceptible to being punctured by sharp objects and other impediments, which could result in them losing pressure and posing a major safety risk to everyone within.

First of all, keep yourself calm & cool. Punctures in tyres can be swiftly and easily repaired. The price of a tyre puncture repair can vary based on where you live, the grade of the tyre, and how severe the puncture is, but it is typically rather reasonable.

Stick with Wangara Tyres to get more details about tyre punctures. We aim to educate you enough that you can decide the better future of your puncture tyres, if ever get any difficulty.

Tyre Puncture Cost

It is simpler and less expensive to fix a tyre or puncture repair cost with any qualified professional, making it even more important to do it as quickly as possible. This is crucial if you want to make sure that your car is safe and functional.

Where you take your car and the sort of repair required will determine how much a professional tyre puncture repair will cost. While some businesses may charge a set amount for typical repairs, others may bill by the work or the hour. For a typical puncture repair/flat tyre repair cost, you should budget $35 to $90, or $30 to $45 in most cases.

A Plug Patch:

Typically, a plug-patch technique will be employed. The technician now locates and cleans the hole with soapy water after removing the tyre from the rim. With a rasp, the inner liner is prepared, and rubber cement is put where the plug-patch will go. The patch is placed against the liner to complete the seal after the plug partially fills the hole left by the puncture. The procedure will be finished with the tyre being reinstalled and balanced onto the rim. Tire hole repair cost is dependable to the size of damage.

How Is The Tyre Repair Performed?

  • A technician uses soapy water to find the hole.
  • The inner liner is prepared with a rasp once the hole has been cleaned.
  • Before inserting a plug-patch, a generous amount of rubber cement is applied to the region where the patch will rest.
  • The plug partially seals the hole in the tyre and fills it.
  • The seal is then completed by pressing the patch onto the inner liner.
  • The tyre is balanced after being reinstalled on the rim.

Note: For how much to repair a tire puncture, the plug-patch technique should only be used if your tyre has a puncture in the tread. Your tyre needs to be replaced if the sidewall has been punctured or if the tread puncture is larger than 5mm.

How to Identify a Car Tyre Puncture?

  • While you are driving, your car can sway, or a single wheel might feel unsteady.
  • When you have a medium-sized puncture in one of your tyres.
  • One of your tyres blows out when it has a large puncture in it.
  • The most common reason for car tyre punctures repair is nails.
  • Screws and bolts, shattered glass, sharp rocks, and construction debris are additional typical sources of punctures.
  • Basically anything small, angular, and sharp on the roads can be dangerous.

How to Avoid Car Tyre Punctures?

  • In order to ensure car tyre repair, even wear, we advise moving your tyres’ locations frequently.
  • Since every automobile is different, check with the manufacturer to find out how frequently you should do this with yours.
  • Avoid using uneven and unbalanced roads and tracks.
  • Keep an eye out for obstacles on the road, such as broken glass, leaps, and other unsettling items.


  • Your tyre’s sidewall puncture cannot be repaired.
  • Hitting a kerb or a big pothole might cause your rim, where the tyre bead seals, to crack.
  • You might need more repairs than just a tire puncture repair if you’ve hit something and your tyre is now flat.
  • Tyre patches and plugs by themselves are not sufficient for tyre repairs. The combination plug-patch type is the only tyre repair that is permitted.

What are the Factors that Affect the Cost of Tyre Puncture Repair?

  • The kind of punctured tyre.
  • The cost of repair will probably be higher if the hole is huge or in a hard-to-reach area.
  • The tire’s age and condition.
  • It is likely to be less expensive to tyre fix a newer tyre than an older one.
  • The spot where the tyre was punctured.
  • It will be illegal to patch a puncture that is close to the side wall of the tyre, thus you will need to replace that tyre.

Note: To avoid having the same issue again in the future, you’ll want to make sure the repair is done correctly. For fixing punctured car tyre, it’s crucial to engage trained specialists and professionals. Yes, they could be more expensive, but they are experts in their field.

Precautions after Puncture Repair:

To prevent any further issues, it’s crucial to get it checked out again right away if you have any concerns about the caliber of your mechanic’s work. After the repair, you must be extremely watchful and look out for any indications of poor craftsmanship.  Keep an ear out for any strange vibrations or sounds that might point to an uneven tyre surface or a lack of adhesive in the spaces between the patches. Get a quality services from puncture tyre repair wangara. Tyres for sale Perth, cheap tyres Perth, puncture, 2nd hand tyres or bobcat tyres, whatever you in search for, Wangara tyres are the most valuable solution to the problems regarding your tyres issues.

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