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How to Store Your Spare Tyres

If you are wondering that how to store you spare tyres then you are on the right track for your safety and emergency concerns. We strongly appreciate that!

Storing your spare tyres correctly is the most important step for ensuring they remain in top-notch condition when you need them most. Whether you have a spare for emergencies or different sets for specific driving purposes, taking the precautions and having a basic knowledge can prolong their life and maintain their performance.

In this guide, Wangara Tyre Auto will break-down the key aspects of storing your spare tyre in straightforward language.

How to Properly Store Your Spare Tyres for Longevity and Safety

Cleaning for Longevity

Start by giving your spare tyres a good clean. Dirt and grime can cause rubber degradation over passing time, so use a mild soap and water to scrub them. Avoid harsh chemicals, as they can harm the rubber appearance. Make sure the tyres are completely dry before putting them into storage.

Visual Checks

Examine your spare tires closely for wear, cuts, or punctures. Check the tread depth and be vigilant for UV damage, which can lead to cracks and brittleness. Keep an eye out for discoloration and surface cracks.

Proper Inflation/Pressure

Maintaining the correct tire pressure is critical to prevent flat spots during storage. Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure, avoiding exceeding the maximum limit indicated on the sidewall. If the vehicle will be stationary for an extended period, consider rolling it occasionally to change the loaded portion of the tire.

Ideal Storage Location

Store your spare tires in a cool, dry, and dark place. Exposure to sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures can accelerate tire degradation. Use a UV-resistant protective cover to shield against direct sunlight, significantly extending the life of your spare tires.

Regular Inspection Routine

Make it a habit to check your spare tires every few months. Look for signs of aging, such as cracks or hardening, and assess environmental impacts like moisture or potential pest infestations. Regular inspections allow you to catch any issues early on.

Proper Positioning

For spare tyres not on rims, stand them upright next to each other to prevent deformation. If your spare tyres are on wheels, store them the same way or use wall-mounted racks. Rotating the tyres every few months on a shelf can help avoid flat spotting.

Utilize Tire Covers

Invest in breathable tire covers to protect against dust, moisture, and light. This is especially useful if your storage space is shared or exposed to the elements. Breathable materials prevent moisture buildup, preserving the quality of your spare tyres.

Avoid Chemical Exposure

Keep spare tyres away from chemicals, oils, vapors, or solvents. These substances can damage the rubber over time. In general, this form of liquid will affect the overall quality and performance of the tyres.

Tyre Rotation

If you choose to stack your spare tyres, rotate the stack periodically. This distributes the weight evenly and helps prevent flat spots. It also ensures that your spare tyres are ready for use when needed.

Long-Term Considerations

Keep in mind that rubber compounds in tyres degrade over time, even when not in use. Generally, tyres older than 5-6 years may need extra attention. Consider replacing spare tyres that show significant signs of aging or damage, regardless of the remaining tread depth. Basically we aim here to teach you about monitoring of your tyres with passing time.

Wrap Up | Store Your Spare Tyres

Proper storage of spare tyres is a simple yet vital for vehicle maintenance. By following these straightforward steps, you can protect your long-term investment, ensure safety, and be confident that your spare tyres will be in optimal condition when called into action. For more advice on tyre care or spare tyre covers for caravans or trailer spare tyre holders, contact Wangara Tyre Auto, your local experts in tyres and auto care.

FAQs | Preserving Spare Tyres

What are the rules for storing tyres?

  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep tires away from heat sources and ozone-generating equipment.

How should you store tyres when they are not being used?

  • Store upright to prevent deformation.
  • Use tire covers if storing outdoors.
  • Avoid stacking or hanging tires.

Do tyres deteriorate in storage?

Yes, tires can deteriorate over time due to factors like temperature, humidity, and sunlight.

What is the rule for spare tyres?

  • Regularly check the spare tire’s pressure and condition.
  • Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines for usage.

Can I use a spare tire for 2 days?

Generally, yes. Spare tires are temporary solutions. Replace the regular tire as soon as possible.