Retread Tyre vs New Tyre | Which one is Better?


When you drive, the tyre tread gradually wears out because it’s the part of the tyre that touches the ground. By replacing the worn tread instead of the whole tyre, you can save money and avoid wasting good tire casing which is the backbone of your tyre.

But sometimes maintaining SUVs and 4×4 tyres can be costly, making the owners find ways to save money.

This leads to a common question: What is better – buying a new tyre or a retread tyre?

And if you’re wondering the same thing, you’re in the right place. Wangara Tyre & Auto has put together a simple guide to help you understand the benefits of both retreaded and new tires. Additionally, we provide you with new high-quality 4×4 tyres, truck tyres, second-hand tyres, and all the auto tyre services you need.

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What is Tyre Retreading?

Tyre retreading is a process where the worn-out tread of a used tyre is replaced with a new tread, allowing the tyre casing to be reused.

This involves inspecting the old tyre for damage, removing the old tread, and then bonding the new tread to the casing using heat and pressure. It’s a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to extend the life of tyres, especially for commercial vehicles. While retread tyres are cheaper and reduce waste, their quality and performance can vary based on the retreading process and the condition of the original tyre.

Benefits of Retread Tyres

Retreading tyres is a smart choice for many vehicle owners. Here are the main benefits:

  • Cost-Effective:

Retread tyres are much cheaper than new tyres because they reuse the original casing. This can significantly reduce your tyre costs.

  • Environmentally Friendly:

Retread tyres repurpose parts from old tyres, reducing waste and the need for new materials. This helps protect the environment and reduces landfill waste.

  • Greater Profits:

For businesses, using retread tyres can lead to higher profits due to the cost savings.

  • Extended Service Life:

One tyre can be retreaded up to 10 times, which dramatically extends its service life. This is particularly beneficial for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks, buses, and construction equipment.

  • Great for Large Fleets:

For organizations with large vehicle fleets, the cost savings from using retread tyres can be enormous, contributing to greater profits and sustainability.

  • Technological Advances:

Modern retreading processes have improved, making retread tyres safer and more reliable.

  • Safety Standards:

Retread tyres are held to the same safety and tread depth standards as new tyres, ensuring reliable performance.

Benefits of New Tyres over Retread Tyres

  • Uncompromised Quality / Improved Performance

New tyres have never been used, so there’s no risk of hidden damage or previous repairs. They provide better cushioning and overall vehicle performance, making driving safer.

  • Better Fuel Efficiency / Gas Mileage

New tyres come with new casings and support layers that can improve gas mileage. Properly inflated new tyres reduce fuel consumption, helping you save on fuel costs.

  • Finest Tread and Inflation:

Properly inflated new tyres with optimal tread depth help reduce fuel consumption.

  • High Reliability and Security

Unlike retread tyres, new tyres offer the highest level of security and reliability. They meet strict quality standards, ensuring you get the best performance.

  • Cost-Effective Options

Many tyre shops like Wangara Tyre & Auto offer affordable new tyre brands. Investing in new tyres is a smart choice for your safety and peace of mind, without breaking the bank.

Retread Tyres Vs New Tyres: Cost Comparison

Retread tyres offer an initial cost saving of about 30 – 50% compared to new tyres. Whereas, new tyres provide better value over time due to their longer lifespan, improved performance, and higher safety standards.

Here’s an estimated cost comparison:

Retread Tyres

  • Average Cost: Ranges from $100 to $200 per tyre.
  • Cost Factors: The price varies based on the quality of the retreading process, the brand, and the condition of the original tyre casing.

New Tyres

  • Average Cost: Ranges from $200 to $300 per tyre.
  • Cost Factors: Prices vary based on the tyre brand, size, performance specifications, and any additional features such as all-terrain or mud-terrain capabilities.

Retread Tyres Vs New Tyres | Comparison Table


Retread Tyres

New Tyres

Initial Purchase Price

30-50% cheaper than new tyres $100 to $200 per tyre

More expensive

$200 to $300 per tyre


Typically, last around 32,000 km

Typically, last between 30,000 to 60,000 km

Cost Over Lifespan

Higher cost per km due to shorter lifespan

Lower cost per km due to a longer lifespan


Good, but generally lower than new tyres

Superior traction, handling, and braking


Satisfactory if well-manufactured

Higher safety features and reliability

Fuel Efficiency


Better due to new casing and support layers

Environmental Impact

More eco-friendly, reduces waste

Higher environmental impact due to raw material use

Maintenance Costs

Potential for increased maintenance

Lower maintenance costs, often come with warranties


Widely available for commercial and fleet vehicles

Readily available for all vehicle types

Quality Consistency

Variable depends on the retreading process

Consistently high, subject to strict standards

Retread Tyre or New Tyre: Which One is Better?

Choosing between retread tyres and new tyres comes down to your specific needs and priorities.

If you’re looking to save money upfront and be more environmentally friendly, retread tyres are a great option. They are significantly cheaper, can be retreaded multiple times, and reduce waste by reusing old casings. This makes them especially appealing for businesses with large fleets or for those who are budget-conscious and environmentally conscious.

On the other hand, new tyres offer the best in performance, safety, and longevity. While they come with a higher initial cost, they provide better traction, handling, and fuel efficiency, and they typically last longer than retread tyres. For personal vehicles, or if you prioritize the highest level of safety and reliability, investing in new tyres is the smarter choice. Ultimately, the decision depends on whether you value upfront savings and sustainability or long-term performance and security.

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